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Our Programs


Toddler Program (Ages 1 - 2½)

Toddlers are at an exciting age and time of great cognitive, social, and expressive growth. They’re developing the language skills to help express their wants, ideas, and needs. Here at Montessori School of East Rutherford we focus on creating a warm, caring, and secure environment. Below are some of the features of our toddler program.
• Consistent encouragement of physical, emotional, & intellectual growth
• Small Groups with Individualized Attention
• The Child Is encouraged to grow at his or her own pace in a motivating environment
• Emphasis on Gross Motor Skills, Language, & Social Interactions
• Creative Learning through the Use of Montessori Materials– Including Alphabet, Numbers, Colors, & Shapes
• Program Includes Songs, Rhymes, Story Time, Exercise, Music, & Dance
• Assistance in Toilet Learning

Preschool, Pre-K, & Kindergarten Program(Ages 2½ - 6)

• Sounds of the Spoken Language & Grammar
• Alphabet Recognition and Sounds of the Letters
• Activities to Prepare the Child for Reading and Writing
• Recognition of Numbers
• Counting, Quantity & Quality of Numbers
• Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, & Division, through the Use of Games
Music & Dance
• Classes Are Taught by a Professional Dance Teacher
• Annual Spring Recital Performed by the Children
• Music Includes the Use of Instruments, Rhythms, and Creative Moving
Exercises of Practical Life
• Develops Movements & Coordination
• Takes Care of Oneself & the Environment
• Emphasis on Order & Self-Discipline
• Develops Special Motor Coordination
• Builds Intellectual Activities
• Develops the Sensory Skills
Creative Arts & Crafts
• Coloring, Tracing, Painting, Cutting, Pasting, Projects, & Artwork
Social Studies & Science
• Introduces Plant Life, Animal Life, People, Buildings, & Art
• Includes Educational Shows & Experiments